Stranger Blind Date Sessions

Stranger Session Criteria

Be sure to read this before applying.

All open model calls you must live within 3 hours of Lafayette/Crawfordsville, IN.

We ask all applicants be within a 3 hour driving distance of Crawfordsville or Lafayette, IN. We will be holding stranger sessions once a month, in Indiana. Pending we get enough applicants to make matches. We will be choosing only one couple, per month. Be sure to read the specifics for the model call. Model calls are open to everyone ages 21+, all sizes, all ethnicities, and all sexual orientations.


Our stranger sessions are free of charge with the exception of a $10 non refundable application fee. You will not receive your application until the non refundable application fee is paid. If you are not chosen for the session, your application fee will NOT be refunded. You will NOT receive a refund, credit, or exchange for any reason.

Application fees and options:

One time application fee, keep your application on file for the entire year of 2023: Non refundable $10 application fee. You will only need to fill out one application for the entire year. You will be considered for all model calls during 2023. Your application will not expire until 12/31/2023.

All applications for model calls may be submitted below by filling out the form. The invoice for the application will be emailed to you. Once the invoice is paid you will receive the application immediately after.



1. You must pay the non refundable $10 application fee.

2. You must have a very outgoing personality with a good sense of humor.

3. You cannot be camera shy.

4. You must agree to the images, behind the scenes videos, and story being shared on social media.

5. You must agree to showing affection, intimate posing, and kissing the stranger on the blind date.

6. You must live within 3 hours of Lafayette or Crawfordsville, IN.

7. You must commit 100% to the date and time of the session, you cannot be a no show. If it is even a slight possibility you will not show up, don't fill out the application.

8. You must pass a background check.

9. Photos of yourself must be uploaded to the application or emailed to after filling out your application.

10. You agree to paying the nonrefundable $10 application fee. You understand no refunds, exchanges, or credits will be offered for any reason. If you are not chosen for the session you will NOT receive a refund. The application will remain on file for all of 2023 model calls.

Our chosen applicants will be contacted via email approximately 2 weeks prior to the session date. Be sure to add to your email list.

TBD 6pm - Model Call - Crawfordsville, IN

Singles of All ages 21+

Photographer - McCaffry Photography LLC
Session date, spring of 2023, 6pm
Waiting on matches to be made.
Deadline to signup is October, 2023
Live within 3 hours of Lafayette or Crawfordsville, IN
Singles of all ages 21+

The stranger session is free with the exception of a $10 non refundable application fee.
The application will remain on file for all model calls during 2023.

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