Lindsey - Crawfordsville

Owner - Photographer

I have always been fascinated with photography and photo editing. In 2005 I started teaching myself Photoshop. I purchased my first DSLR camera in 2008. McCaffry Photography opened January 1, 2012, This is my 13th season in business. I photograph a wide variety including: couples, engagement, maternity, children, families, & seniors. I also teach beginner photography and editing classes. Photography is not just a "job" for me, it is a true obsession, and passion.

More about Lindsey-

I believe that empathy makes the world go 'round. And, that time with my loved ones, is always time well spent. Especially the time with my boys--they are my everything. I feel replenished through time alone. In complete silence. Maybe on occasion, with a sappy romance movie playing. Possibly while I’m procrastinating, which I like to think leads to creative excellence. Spiders, snakes, and sharks are on my list of “non-excellence,” however. Chocolate, though? Count me in! My facial expressions have a mind of their own. Maybe that’s why I love teeth-- I’m definitely smiling if I’m traveling. Even when the unexpected disrupts a vacation (broken bones, in a foreign country!), travel is good for my soul. Especially to a beach--my happy place. In the meantime, singing in my car like a superstar will have to do. If only I could add a hot tub to my car, it would be the best of both worlds. I might need to procrastinate on that one for a bit… However, I think that failure makes you successful, so either way, I’m golden. Mmmm, golden toasted tortilla chips, with queso, of course. Definitely with a margarita. Reminds me of the simpler, relaxing days, and nights, of summertime with a glass of wine. Sharing those moments with the friends who have become my family, is magical. I believe memories made should be documented. And, that when one door closes, another opens. I also believe in being authentically me--blunt, raw, and honest.



“If you have any photography needs, we highly recommend Lindsey Kennedy McCaffry of #McCaffryphotography. Oh my. Anyone can take a picture. Only a gifted handful can capture personalities and moments. And just a few have the creativity and editing prowess that Lindsey and team possess. If you have an upcoming senior, give her a call. We love the pics she took at the Vanity Theatre!”

—Kristy Brewer

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