Private Editing Classes

$150 - per hour

This private editing class must be held at the Crawfordsville studio. This training is all about YOU! I will help you master any skills you want to master within the allocated time you choose. I will answer any of your questions. I will walk you through any struggles you are having. You will be required to bring your primary editing computer with you to the Crawfordsville studio.

Use the quantity section to choose the number of hours you want to spend learning one on one. I highly suggest doing a minimum of 2 hours. We really wouldn't be able to cover much in just one hour. Upon checking out send me an email at and we will get your private training session all setup.

In order to qualify for the one on one editing classes with Lindsey you must have completed the online beginner RAW editing class. You will need to have both Adobe Bridge and Photoshop installed, all program updates must be current.