ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) Editing Class


This is a prerecorded, downloadable, class. It is divided into 8 different videos totaling approximately 120 minutes. These videos are packed FULL of information. Learn how to edit your RAW files start to finish in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). You are able to view my screen the entire time as I walk you through everything step by step. I will show you how to CORRECTLY recover highlights, recover shadows, remove noise/grain, correct your white balance, and many other things that you can do in camera RAW.

The class includes:

- 5 RAW files of the exact images shown in the videos. These image files are available to you for download, allowing you to practice using the exact images I use in the video. 

- 8 videos - Be sure to watch the videos in order, starting with number 1. 

Video 1 - Adobe programs - shows you exactly what programs to download

Video 2 - is an overview of using ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) 

Video 3 - explanation of tools, sliders, and more found in ACR

Video 4 - is editing of example 1

Video 5 - is editing of example 2

video 6 - is editing of example 3

video 7 - is editing of example 4

video 8- is editing of example 5

What exactly is a RAW file? This is discussed in the class. However, your DSLR camera has a setting that will allow you to change from shooting in JPEG files to RAW files. Or, it will allow you to shoot in both JPEG and RAW files at the same time. This option will give you double copies of each image taken, one JPEG, and one RAW.

You can edit your RAW files directly with Photoshop or Adobe Bridge. All of these are included with the photographers package through Adobe's website for $10/month, Lightroom is also included in this package. I personally only edit with ACR & Photoshop exclusively. About 90% of ALL the editing I do to my images is strictly done in ACR through Adobe Bridge. I only tweak in photoshop, such as, remove blemishes, swap faces if need be, or further enhanced edits if I am going for a particular look. This particular class is showing you how to use the ACR program through Adobe Bridge. It works exactly the same way inside Photoshop as well.  

For those of you just beginning in the editing world, I consider this the TRUE bread and butter to a good edit. Getting your white balance correct is the biggest battle we as photographers face. This class will show you how to do just that! For existing photographers ACR is a great way to speed up your workflow, allowing you to spend a lot less time in front of the computer. 

If you are still curious, go join our Facebook group. This will allow you to talk with others who have taken the class, ask questions, get help, and share your work.

Once you purchase the class you will be redirected to a website, this website is where all of the class downloads can be found. You will also receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase, containing access to the class downloads, for reference at a later date.  Disclaimer, this editing course CANNOT be applied to JPEG images they MUST be RAW files. All sales are final, no refunds, exchanges, or credits of any kind will be offered! 

Terms & Conditions: This class is only available to the paying party. It is not to be shared, recorded, sold, or screen shots taken. This class is monitored. Legal action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the terms and conditions. 

If you have issues with your videos please email 

Thank you, and enjoy! 

Adobe programs used in the editing class

A very brief overview of the editing class