June 2, 2020

What to Wear on Picture Day

Photography Tips

What to Wear on Picture Day

1. No Fluorescents! Fluorescent colors cast unflattering colors on faces and skin tones. 

2. Colors I recommend that photograph beautifully on all skin tones. Yellows (mustard), reds (maroon, brick), blues (navy, royal), greens (sage, olive), purples (deep purples, eggplant). 

3. Stay away from greens when having pictures taken in grassy, wooded areas. You want to stand out, not blend in.

4. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, it will show. 

5. LAYER! Layers add dimension and depth.In warm weather - layer with belts & necklaces.In cool weather - layer with cardigans, belts, necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, & jackets. 

6. Purchase clothes that fit, and fit well! You want to have a tailored fit, show your shape, don’t hide it. 

7. No matchy, matchy. COORDINATE! Coordinate colors, choose 2 main colors, add a 3rd for a accent. Mix patterns, it’s ok to mix solids, florals, plaids, stripes, and tweeds. Use your wardrobe to show off each individual personality. 

8. Dress appropriate for the weather. If you are hot and miserable, it will show.If you are freezing cold, it will show. 

9. Dress for the location.Formal wear is best for downtown urban settings.

10. For the ladies....Maxi dresses & skinny jeans are flattering on all body types.Flaunt your best asset.